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Specialist Dental Upholstery

Q. I need several chairs doing , can you offer loan upholstery for all of them at the same time ?

A. We have over one hundred sets of Belmont loan upholstery, also many other chair types are available, so it's likely that we can meet all of your requirements at once.

Q.Do you do all of your own work, or do you sub contract it out ?

A. We never sub contract our work out, if you commission Vinyl-Tech to do a job, you can guarantee that it's Vinyl-Tech that does it.

Q. Do I need to pay you for the re-upholstery work before you do it ?

A. Definitely not , you should never pay for re- upholstery before it's done, why should you ? We know sometimes people do ask for payment first, but this is usually so they can pay a sub contractor in your area before they will do the work.

Q.Do you do the work onsite ?

A. No, to do re-upholstery work to the standard you would expect from us, it would be impossible to do it from the back of a van or on your surgery floor. That is why we offer free loan upholstery.

Q. I would like a plastic foot cover on my newly upholstered chair, does that carry any extra cost ?

A. No, all re-upholstered chairs come with a new plastic foot cover included if they normally have one on.

Q. My practice isn't within the UK, do you export your upholstery ?

A. Yes, we're happy to export our new upholstery models.


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